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Anonymous asked: Thank you for answering my question about Gilda sketches! :) I agree with all of those. Dominatrix is one of my favorites. I memorized all of it lol. I agree with Madeline Kahn too. I just love both of them. I wish they had been in another movie together. They were great in "First Family" but it would've been nice to see a movie where they are the focal point. However Hanky Panky and Haunted Honeymoon are tied for favorite Gilda movie for me haha.

Oh yeah. How great would that have been? I would have loved something like a Tina/Amy movie back in the early ’80s with both of them as stars. I absolutely would have died if they both could have done something a little quieter like Judy Berlin. (I know that movie’s not everyone’s cuppa, but I absolutely adore it!) 

Ok friendly anon, (and other followers) let’s plot a Gilda/Madeline movie. What would you want it to be about? Who would you want to co-star? Direct? 

Anonymous asked: Can I just say that one of the most underrated Gilda sketches is the one where Steve Martin plays the sleazy lawyer and she is testifying in court? She is fantastic in that sketch! The first time I saw it, I sort of got goosebumps at the end. Steve Martin was awesome at playing a big sleazeball but Gilda was amazing and heartbreaking. What Gilda sketches do you think are underrated?

What a neat question! 

A million years ago, I did a compilation zip folder of all the sketches I thought they should have put on her Best Of DVD. 

The one that comes to mind first is a really great sketch she did with Madeline Kahn in season 3 called “Phone Call”. image

I may be a bit bias, because Madeline occupies the same amount of space in my heart as Gilda does. I think this is a great character piece for the two of them, and I love how they play two tipsy ladies talking about everything from old boyfriends to the Patty Duke Show. 

Another one I love is from Anthony Perkins’ episode in season 1. 


The sketch is called “Dominatrix Cleaning” and it’s with Gilda as a housewife, and Jane as a cleaning lady she hires. I think it’s a wonderful vehicle for her physical comedy! Jane is almost throwing her around the room, and Gilda doesn’t skrimp on anything. She takes every beating full force, and I love it. 

I think those are my top two picks, but a few others that I had as the official FYGR Best Of picks are: 

Broadway Baby - Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin Season 2

Litella Sisters - Ruth Gordon Season 2

Mommy Dearest - Elliot Gould Season 4

I also can’t really compile a full list, because I don’t have Season 5 on DVD.


best of gilda part three 

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Favourite videos 1/?

Gilda Radner - Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals

Anonymous asked: I absolutely love this blog! Gilda is one of my favorite people ever. She is a huge inspiration to me and has helped me in becoming more open and less shy. I love doing impressions of her characters, especially for my 4 year old nephew(I turned him into a Gilda fan! His favorite bit is the Judy Miller Show). Thank you for putting all these wonerful gifs, pictures and videos of Gilda up. They're all treasurable. I am about to read "It's Always Something". She is just so special and amazing.

Thank you! 

I agree, she is very special & amazing : ) 

best of gilda part two 


Well, guess I’m grounded. I just bought this.

best of gilda part one

Dom DeLuise & Gilda Radner Ballin’ the Jack (x)

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