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For everyone's favorite Saturday Night Sweetheart <333

Hi. Not sure when you asked this (I just found your site today), but I’d love to share my story of when I first fell in love with Gilda Radner. I was a little kid, about 7, when she was on Saturday Night Live. Her humor, her sweetness, her fearlessness…talk about a major impact on a little girl! This was before DVRs, so I used to press record on my tape recorder (audio) and hold it up to the tv, then I’d listen to the sketches over and over. I was wearing pants on my head before I ever saw her do it. (It was the perfect solution for curly haired girls to get long, straight hair…)  My brothers still call me Loopner. I LOVE that you call us Radnerds! Thank you so much for putting this excellent blog together!! I know it’s already Sep 2nd, but I’ll say it today anyway, especially for this site: Bunny Bunny.

xox Rach 

- But, how come we never got married?

- I’ve thought about that, Gilda

- You have?

- Oh, yeah….

- And…?

- I think we just forgot to.

Anonymous asked: Bunny, Bunny! Have a great week! :)

Bunny bunny to you as well sweet Anon! Happy September to you~

Bunny Bunny!

Bunny Bunny!


Happy Fall (soon)!

Bunny Bunny!

Anonymous asked: If you could hang out with one Gilda character(SNL or movie) for a day, who would it be and why?

It would definitely be Gilda & Madeline Kahn’s characters from the Phone Call sketch. I love them both dearly! 

I’m Dan Aykroyd and uh well I’m kind of afraid because uh… This is live television where the unexpected can happen and well, the unexpected has happened. We’re all quite saddened and disappointed but uh, in show business we have an old saying “the show must go on” and although this old saying, well uh, the show can’t possibly go on without Davey Wilson, our director who has apparently died.

Anonymous asked: How are Gilda's animated movies? I would really like to see them. I also want to show them to my 4 year old nephew. He likes Gilda too and I think he'd like "Witches Night Out" because he also loves anything that has to do with halloween. I heard she plays multiple characters in "Animalypics" including Baba Wawa. They all sound really cute and I'm sure she's awesome in all of them.

I haven’t seen any of her animated movies actually. (Or really done much research on them?) 

What about you, Radnerds? What did you think of them if you’ve seen them? 


Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.
-Gilda Radner


Don Pardo’s Holiday in an Elevator

Yes it’s Don Pardo’s Holiday in an Elevator! Around the world in eighty floors, where every landing is another land!

Anonymous asked: Which character would you like to have seen more of? Whether it be a character Gilda portrayed once or just a few times. Even though it's one of her more popular ones, I would've liked to have seen Judy Miller more. I know of 2 skits and I'm pretty sure that's all she did besides the Gilda, Live! special. And probably Connie Carson because Gilda was amazing( which she always is) at this character and her mannerisms/deliveries of lines. Although, the more Gilda the more better! :)

Oh man, now that you say something about Judy Miller, imagine how great a Schiller’s reel with her would have been? Or just a film in general? I would have loved to see her scampering about New York City. 

This may be a weird one, but I would have ADORED another Bad Ballet, or just more sketches with her dancing. (Broadway Baby is another great one where she and the girls are tapping with Lily Tomlin, and Gilda’s the only one who hits all of her sounds!) 


I also would have loved it if La Dolce Gilda was like, a three hour movie. Her as a Fellini ingenue is dreamy as ever! 

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