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Hey Radnerds!

I’m a few followers away from 1k, and I want to do something kind of cool to celebrate. I have something in mind, but if you guys have gif requests, or you’d like me to make another montage video let me know! 

Anonymous asked: Hello! I live in athens ga. I was wondering if you still make this awesome shirts! Thanks!


Shirts are $25 and come in all sizes. (I charge $5 extra for XL). The price includes shipping. 

Here is my paypal~!

Anonymous asked: Thank you for answering my question about Gilda sketches! :) I agree with all of those. Dominatrix is one of my favorites. I memorized all of it lol. I agree with Madeline Kahn too. I just love both of them. I wish they had been in another movie together. They were great in "First Family" but it would've been nice to see a movie where they are the focal point. However Hanky Panky and Haunted Honeymoon are tied for favorite Gilda movie for me haha.

Oh yeah. How great would that have been? I would have loved something like a Tina/Amy movie back in the early ’80s with both of them as stars. I absolutely would have died if they both could have done something a little quieter like Judy Berlin. (I know that movie’s not everyone’s cuppa, but I absolutely adore it!) 

Ok friendly anon, (and other followers) let’s plot a Gilda/Madeline movie. What would you want it to be about? Who would you want to co-star? Direct? 

Anonymous asked: Can I just say that one of the most underrated Gilda sketches is the one where Steve Martin plays the sleazy lawyer and she is testifying in court? She is fantastic in that sketch! The first time I saw it, I sort of got goosebumps at the end. Steve Martin was awesome at playing a big sleazeball but Gilda was amazing and heartbreaking. What Gilda sketches do you think are underrated?

What a neat question! 

A million years ago, I did a compilation zip folder of all the sketches I thought they should have put on her Best Of DVD. 

The one that comes to mind first is a really great sketch she did with Madeline Kahn in season 3 called “Phone Call”. image

I may be a bit bias, because Madeline occupies the same amount of space in my heart as Gilda does. I think this is a great character piece for the two of them, and I love how they play two tipsy ladies talking about everything from old boyfriends to the Patty Duke Show. 

Another one I love is from Anthony Perkins’ episode in season 1. 


The sketch is called “Dominatrix Cleaning” and it’s with Gilda as a housewife, and Jane as a cleaning lady she hires. I think it’s a wonderful vehicle for her physical comedy! Jane is almost throwing her around the room, and Gilda doesn’t skrimp on anything. She takes every beating full force, and I love it. 

I think those are my top two picks, but a few others that I had as the official FYGR Best Of picks are: 

Broadway Baby - Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin Season 2

Litella Sisters - Ruth Gordon Season 2

Mommy Dearest - Elliot Gould Season 4

I also can’t really compile a full list, because I don’t have Season 5 on DVD.


Gilda Is On The Air ›

Got sent this link by a lovely fellow named Stree. It’s a promotional radio interview Gilda did for Gilda! Live. Super, super great. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. 

Hey Radnerds!

I’m on the west coast, so it isn’t the 28th for a few hours. 

Tomorrow, if you have any special birthday graphics/notes/posts, you can either submit them to FYGR, or just tag them with her name so I can see & reblog them. 


Happy birthday, Gene!

June 11th 1933

Gilda Shirts

I’ve gotten some asks in the last few days regarding Gilda shirts. 

I’m totally still making them! 

They are $25, which includes shipping and they come in all sizes. (XL is a few more $.) I can also ship internationally, which is a flat rate of $30usd for shirt/shipping. 

Here is a link to my paypal! 

I go to New York a lot, and this particular picture was taken the first time I went to visit 30 Rock. I was so excited to be there due to my love of SNL, so I struck a nice, happy pose. My dad said it was like a Gilda pose, and he was right. It felt like she was right there with me—so I went and Photoshopped her into the picture. I may only be 16, and therefore nowhere near being alive at the same time she was, but Gilda Radner has influenced me a lot and I’m really glad I’ve been able to have her influence in my life. I love her and miss her every day, especially today. <3

I am laying in bed. It is earlylate. You are prodding me about why I’m imagining Mia Farrow dancing instead of you. She is surrounded by sameness, covered in decorative, strategically placed red dots and you are jealous. It’s strange I realize, because for once I’m not upset. I’m not calling to you to hold my stomach in place, make sure my chest isn’t hurting, asking you to tell me things are going to be okay.  

The calmness is odd, but your presence isn’t. My head in your lap and your hands in my hair, lost in our before sleep daydream hammock like always. Always. That’s the thing I like about you the most, that you’re full of always. You hold my ribcage up when I feel like I can’t walk on my own, infuse my legs with the power to push forward when I can’t do it on my own. 

Even though you can’t speak anymore, I hear you. 
Even though you can’t touch anymore, I feel you. 
Even though you aren’t here, I see you. 

Mia traipses haphazardly through my mind through a line of doctors with her sassy Sassoon, but you are there as constant.

Keeping my heartbeat company. 

To be perfectly honest, for the first time in two years, on may 19th I didn’t even think about may 20th. Not until mac made a post about it, anyway.

I wouldn’t have been able to accept this a year ago, but that’s probably the way Gilda would want it. I’m not constantly preoccupied with grief for her, but rather am just trying to live my life with - but her spirit always subconsciously in the back of my mind. 

It’s been a while since I’ve reflected on her, though, and today is a better day than any to do so. The fact that it has been 25 years just astounds me. I’m only 17. Our lives didn’t even overlap, and I feel such a deep rooted connection with her that I often forget that her world compared to mine - our current one - was vastly different.

Yet she is undeniably timeless. Her comedy still cracks people up (my url is a reference to one of my favorite bits she ever did), and just watching her still makes people happy. Her wisdom and her spirit lives on, and will continue to do so, through us. 

As I write this, I’m looking at her smile and her curly hair and I just feel happy. 

I know that this was brief, but I must get back to doing what she would want me to do - living and experiencing my life which is exceptionally hectic and exciting right now. I know she will be with me as I have new, incredible experiences in the next few weeks. In a weird way, I’ve always kind of felt like she cared about me from wherever she is. That is, that she cares about ALL of us who care so deeply for her. I used to have dreams about her all the time that have always stuck with me as proof of that - no matter how flawed and irrational that “logic” may seem…I just have always had that feeling deep down.

Gilda, I miss you so much. Thank you for all you accomplished while you were here, and for all you continue to accomplish through both Gilda’s Club and the fact that you still inspire countless young comedians and comedians-to-be. 

Hey guys, tomorrow is May 20th. If you have anything you want me to post, feel free to submit here. Pictures, letters, anything you feel like sending in, I’ll make sure and post it tomorrow. 

The girls.

Gilda Radner for Crawdaddy Magazine, 1977.


I just thought she was so cute here, so I had to make a gif. SNL season 2 episode 2.

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