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Anonymous asked: Which character would you like to have seen more of? Whether it be a character Gilda portrayed once or just a few times. Even though it's one of her more popular ones, I would've liked to have seen Judy Miller more. I know of 2 skits and I'm pretty sure that's all she did besides the Gilda, Live! special. And probably Connie Carson because Gilda was amazing( which she always is) at this character and her mannerisms/deliveries of lines. Although, the more Gilda the more better! :)

Oh man, now that you say something about Judy Miller, imagine how great a Schiller’s reel with her would have been? Or just a film in general? I would have loved to see her scampering about New York City. 

This may be a weird one, but I would have ADORED another Bad Ballet, or just more sketches with her dancing. (Broadway Baby is another great one where she and the girls are tapping with Lily Tomlin, and Gilda’s the only one who hits all of her sounds!) 


I also would have loved it if La Dolce Gilda was like, a three hour movie. Her as a Fellini ingenue is dreamy as ever! 

As promised, we’ll start our our cap-venture with some pictures from Candice Bergen’s season 1 episode. 

Anonymous asked: What got me interested in Gilda was watching Haunted Honeymoon at age 13. I was interested in knowing who she was because she looked familiar and there was just something about her that was special. Years later, I saw Sissy Spacek's episode on SNL, and Emily Litella just cracked me up. I still didn't know she was in HH but that movie always stuck with me. Then, as I started watching more Madeline Kahn movies, I watched First Family and by then I was 100% hooked on Gilda. She just makes me happy.

What got me interested in Gilda was my dad watching old SNL episodes he recorded off the TV in reruns back in the 90s. When I was little, I used to sit and watch them with him and not really understand much of the humor but I always liked it. And during the opening credits I always made sure to wait for “the lady eating the apple,” because I guess I liked her the best or something back then.

Anyway, I don’t recall what made me get interested in her all over again, but I’m glad I could learn about her. While she inspires me in many different reasons, the one I think is the most important is how she helped shape me as an aspiring comedienne. I always perform for my friends and family because I love to make them laugh. In fact, sometimes I do impressions and Gilda’s characters are often the most requested by my parents since they think I can do a really good job at them.

I’m really grateful I took the time to research the lady with the apple, and learn about who she was. Even though Gilda is no longer with us, I plan on keeping her memory alive forever. <3

(By the way, congratulations on the 1,000 followers! :D)

What got you interested in Gilda? ›

As part of my 1k celebration, I’m curious how everyone got to know Gilda! I want to share everyone’s stories, because I think our little community of Radnerds is really something.

The other part of my celebration is that I’m planning to comb my archives back to when this blog had like, 10 followers and I had a lot more time to screencap. I’m going to try and fill the queue with great caps from blog’s past. Feel free to use them to make graphics or whatever your heart desires.

Thanks again for following!

LOVE Gilda - the film

This is the most amazing site!!!  I really can’t believe all the amazing Gilda collection of videos, photos and comments.  I am in the middle of filming a documentary about Gilda  and  how she is  not only a ground breaking female comedian but an inspiration to people living with cancer  25 years after her death. I have already filmed some people close to  Gilda, but I have 2 questions that I would like to put out there to Gilda fans.

1. Who would you like to see  in the film that was important to Gilda in her life?

2. What comedians or performers have talked about being influenced by Gilda?


p.s. Again, this is the best site.

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite scene from Hanky Panky and Haunted Honeymoon? For me, I love when Michael and Kate are flying the plane in Hanky Panky. It is so funny and Gilda and Gene are brilliant there. However, I have a soft spot for the scene where Kate confesses to Michael in the bedroom. Very good acting. And of course, Ballin' the Jack in Haunted Honeymoon and any scene where Vicki is with Pfister or Sylvia. Haha. :)

I have two kind of sad answers to this question: 

1. Hanky Panky: definitely the bedroom scene. Not for the reason you’d think though. Mostly because you can just see her falling in love with Gene. image

2. Haunted Honeymoon: Ballin’ the Jack is kind of a given, right? My other favorite scene is the one where she’s in the harness outside the window / and later when we see her *in* the harness. The reason she was able to do that scene in the first place was because she’d had a miscarriage and it totally breaks my heart. 

My HH cap isn’t uploading :c 

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you could help me identifying a Gilda skit? I've seen gifs of it on your blog and have always wondered what it is. It's with her and Bill Murray. It looks like it takes place in the 20's/30's and Gilda's saying, "look, it's simple. You're a boy and I'm a girl. That's all there is to it." I think it might be season 4 or 5 because I haven't seen it on my seasons 1-3 dvds. Could you tell me the name of the skit, season and what it's about? Thank you! :)

Ok anon, unfortunately after scrolling through each ep of season 5 on snltranscripts, I wasn’t able to find anything. (I only own 1-4 on DVD). 


Hey Radnerds!

I’m a few followers away from 1k, and I want to do something kind of cool to celebrate. I have something in mind, but if you guys have gif requests, or you’d like me to make another montage video let me know! 

Anonymous asked: Hello! I live in athens ga. I was wondering if you still make this awesome shirts! Thanks!


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Anonymous asked: Thank you for answering my question about Gilda sketches! :) I agree with all of those. Dominatrix is one of my favorites. I memorized all of it lol. I agree with Madeline Kahn too. I just love both of them. I wish they had been in another movie together. They were great in "First Family" but it would've been nice to see a movie where they are the focal point. However Hanky Panky and Haunted Honeymoon are tied for favorite Gilda movie for me haha.

Oh yeah. How great would that have been? I would have loved something like a Tina/Amy movie back in the early ’80s with both of them as stars. I absolutely would have died if they both could have done something a little quieter like Judy Berlin. (I know that movie’s not everyone’s cuppa, but I absolutely adore it!) 

Ok friendly anon, (and other followers) let’s plot a Gilda/Madeline movie. What would you want it to be about? Who would you want to co-star? Direct? 

Anonymous asked: Can I just say that one of the most underrated Gilda sketches is the one where Steve Martin plays the sleazy lawyer and she is testifying in court? She is fantastic in that sketch! The first time I saw it, I sort of got goosebumps at the end. Steve Martin was awesome at playing a big sleazeball but Gilda was amazing and heartbreaking. What Gilda sketches do you think are underrated?

What a neat question! 

A million years ago, I did a compilation zip folder of all the sketches I thought they should have put on her Best Of DVD. 

The one that comes to mind first is a really great sketch she did with Madeline Kahn in season 3 called “Phone Call”. image

I may be a bit bias, because Madeline occupies the same amount of space in my heart as Gilda does. I think this is a great character piece for the two of them, and I love how they play two tipsy ladies talking about everything from old boyfriends to the Patty Duke Show. 

Another one I love is from Anthony Perkins’ episode in season 1. 


The sketch is called “Dominatrix Cleaning” and it’s with Gilda as a housewife, and Jane as a cleaning lady she hires. I think it’s a wonderful vehicle for her physical comedy! Jane is almost throwing her around the room, and Gilda doesn’t skrimp on anything. She takes every beating full force, and I love it. 

I think those are my top two picks, but a few others that I had as the official FYGR Best Of picks are: 

Broadway Baby - Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin Season 2

Litella Sisters - Ruth Gordon Season 2

Mommy Dearest - Elliot Gould Season 4

I also can’t really compile a full list, because I don’t have Season 5 on DVD.


Gilda Is On The Air ›

Got sent this link by a lovely fellow named Stree. It’s a promotional radio interview Gilda did for Gilda! Live. Super, super great. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. 

Hey Radnerds!

I’m on the west coast, so it isn’t the 28th for a few hours. 

Tomorrow, if you have any special birthday graphics/notes/posts, you can either submit them to FYGR, or just tag them with her name so I can see & reblog them. 


Happy birthday, Gene!

June 11th 1933

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