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The girls.

Gilda Radner for Crawdaddy Magazine, 1977.


I just thought she was so cute here, so I had to make a gif. SNL season 2 episode 2.

Holiday shirt business:

Those of you who are thinking about getting Gilda shirts for either yourselves, or your loved ones this Christmas, please know that orders should be placed by December 15th to ensure their arrival before the holiday. (Here’s the link to my etsy~~~)

I also have something else brewing that I should have gotten together weeks ago, but I’ll make a proper announcement once I can collect addresses and shirt sizes from pleasant-tomorrow, talkdirtytotheanimals, and erics-idle. (Also, to the person whose username used to be stabstabregret, get in touch with me as well!!!) 

Proper announcement coming tomorrow, hopefully I can pull everything together~!


A clip from “It’s Always Something” starring Jami Gertz.

Remember: if anyone has a Gilda inspired costume, send me a picture or post one so we can have it on the blog!

Gilda Radner on Howard Stern’s radio show in 1983.

Bunny bunny everyone~!

Hope you have a lovely October. If any of you are planning Gilda inspired costumes, send them my way! 


Wahhhhh 800 followers!

I can’t believe it you guys, I really can’t. 

There are 800 Radnerds following this blog~!

Bunny bunny everyone~!

Gah. I can’t believe it’s September already… WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE, MY RADNERDS??? 


Yay! The art contest came to an end three days ago, but my brain has been on another planet the last few weeks. Apologies~!

Anyway, here are the official winners for our third annual art contest! 

Voters’ choice goes to: barkruffalo!

My personal favorite is a tie between: barkruffalo & stabstabregret !

by: barkruffalo

by: stabstabregret

Also, we got a late submission, so I’d like to give an honorable mention to Emily!

For this year’s prizes, because I have a screen that says “Jane you ignorant slut” and haven’t made anything except test prints; both of you should get in touch with me about what we can make with those. (Shirts? A tote? Marbled prints for your wall?) (Lyndsay, I’m also down with making you a Gilda shirt if you don’t already have one ♥) 

Ashlee and Abbey— you guys should get in touch with me too so I can get you late prizes for winning last year! 

Thanks for all the lovely submissions!


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