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On this day in 1946: Gilda Radner was born in Detroit, MI.

Today’s screening: “Saturday Night Live” and “Gilda Live”

Today’s legacy: Gilda’s Club

Today’s quote:Adopted kids are such a pain - you have to teach them how to look like you.”

Today’s ill-advised tattoo: http://tinyurl.com/846hf84

Happy birthday to the sweetest and most genuine-seeming Not Ready for Prime Time Player. xoxo

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Season 2 ep 15 Sissy Spacek


I wish that these two characters were family members.  If only Gilda were still here, she could pop up on Weekend Update and he could say he gets most of his second hand news from her.  I wish these things could happen, I wish Gilda was still here.

What’s all this fuss I keep hearing about endangered feces? Now, that’s outrageous! Why are feces endangered? How could you possibly run out of such a thing? Why-why just look around you, you can see it all over the place. And besides, who wants to save that anyway?  My goodness, where would we keep it? 

This appears in an awesome book called Funny Ladies: 100 Years of Great Comediennes. Each comedienne is given a superlative. Gilda’s is “The Happy Face”.  

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That one sketch where John Belushi abuses Gilda Radner, then proceeds to beat the crap out of Norman Lear.


If my plea to watch it isn’t enough, then here’s this. 


Guys. Guys watch this, though. Guys. Guys, watch this. 


One of the best things about SNL? Tradition.

From December 11th, 1976. 

If you guys aren’t following Ashley, do it. Her blog is this genius 24/7. 


Cast of Saturday Night Live

Chevy! Chevy! I love when you fall down! Each Saturday night on my TV.
Oh, but Chevy, everytime you take that fall, I wish that you were falling, falling for me.

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